Fedora14 is filling up my HDD without a reason

Aradenatorix Veckhom Vacelaevus aradnix at gmail.com
Mon May 9 20:46:13 UTC 2011

Hi everyone:

Well, thanks a lot for all your helping, all the goodwill and your advices.
I think I must clarify few points right now, for don't confuse you more.

Well as I told you I did my installation over an old Dell Optiplex GX260
with a Pentium4 CPU, 2 GB in RAM DDR @ 400 MHz and using an old IDE HDD with
only 10 GB.

As this is an experimental project where I only need to use few months this
installation, inside home I have almost nothing. Also I have to say that I
do not installed anything from source, so I haven't to compile anything
therefore I have not intermediate files, I installed everything from
System>And and remove software or directly from YUM.

And according to Joel Rees who suggested a step by step method, I applied
the YUM clean all before and it helped me. Thanks Now I have 840 MB free. I
have not tar files there and in fact as I checked before, the main problem
is inside the /usrs and /var directories, but I'm not shure what can I
remove there without cause damage at the system.

Genes told me that I need to scrub my cache, that's right, but how?

Thanks once more:
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