Best FOSS alternative for skype?

Zoltan Hoppar hopparz at
Wed May 11 08:36:10 UTC 2011

I think there are serious blocking going on from microsoft parties -
they have created Attachmate (consists from Apple, Oracle, MS, and few
others such sized companies), and grabbed Novell with Suse, they have
working with Nokia, and also eaten for breakfast Sun too. If anybody
tries to make linux or free software business, they will be killed by
low budget, or with patents.... and the court. Also, I think the new
message at linux conferences, where they paying out the whole
conferece will not use for open source.... We have to do something

2011/5/11 Roger <arelem at>:
> <snip> They've already lost this one. I will NOT do business with
> Microsoft.
> Just before the 6:30 commercial news tonight there was a report, I think
> SBS or ABC, on the Microsoft/Skype purchase and it was said among other
> things that Microsoft would be charging each user $2-$3 for using Skype
> And that Microsoft has lost so many devices because no one wants windows
> 7 but Microsoft will be providing skype with windows 7 in an effort to
> entice users back.
> I did not catch all the interview but decided to look into Ekiga or
> alternatives asap.
> Roger
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