preupgrading to fedora 15

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Fri May 13 17:20:53 UTC 2011

On Fri, 13 May 2011 10:35:11 -0500, Brian Wood wrote:

> Hi.  Yesterday I tried to preupgrade-cli from fedora 14 to 15 but it
> didn't work.  When booted it would hang and didn't get to a login
> screen.  It gave some brief message about not being able to finish
> something and that it was giving up.   I had previously preupgraded from
> fedora 13 to 14 on that system.  Now I've decided to reinstall fedora 13
> and then preupgrade directly to fedora 15.  Any suggestions?

	Learn to like KDE4, or something other than Gnome.
	I did preupgrade from 14 to 15 a couple of weeks ago, on a 
machine with three userids. It boots as far as the login screen -- and 
then the trouble starts. It *still* runs KDE but not Gnome. Two of the 
userids get a .ICEauthority error, and the other gets a new screen with a 
drawing of a computer making an unhappy face, saying "Oh, no!," and 
telling you to log out and try again.

	I've been running KDE in order to get a terminal to do yum 
updates, and sometimes instead ssh-ing from some other machine on the 
LAN, just to be able to keep it updated.

	There's a long discussion on this list in the thread under the 
title "So where are my workspaces?," and other posts in 
gmane.linux.redhat.fedora.testers, where you'll find links to the bug(s) 
that have been declared fixed but still bollix this upgrade.

	I'm guessing that, once the official release is out, I'll have to 
do a fresh install from a DVD to get a working Gnome suite.

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