Comparison of Desktop Environments in F15?

Marko Vojinovic vvmarko at
Sun May 15 15:24:49 UTC 2011

On Sunday 15 May 2011 15:02:35 Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> On Sun, 2011-05-15 at 09:48 +0900, Joel Rees wrote:
> > Gnome3 and KDE4, you've probably seen the threads on how they've been
> > "dumbed down" (or, more accurately, re-focused towards people who
> > aren't planning on doing all sorts of technical things with them).
> I wasn't aware of any substantial changes to KDE in going from F14 to
> F15.
> Gnome is another matter.

True, it's just Gnome. KDE was "dumbed down" back at the time of version 4.0, 
and since then it gradually gained ever more functionality, so the current 
version is all but "dumbed down". Rather, it is more powerful than ever. :-)

What is happening with Gnome3 now is the same thing that was happening with 
KDE4 back when it was introduced. I guess Gnome3 will also get repolished in 
the next couple of years. Or maybe not, depending on developers.

In a nutshell, the situation is the same as it always was --- Gnome for folks 
who want simplicity, KDE for folks who want flexibility. Both in terms of 
configuring the desktop, user experience, etc.

Best, :-)

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