NetworkManager in fedora 15 various questions/problems

Tom Horsley horsley1953 at
Tue May 24 23:52:32 UTC 2011

Issue 1:

My wired network does indeed work OK in fedora 15. The
Options... button is no longer always disabled, so that problem
seems to be fixed since the beta, but when I was editing
the connection to turn on the always connected flag,
I get this tool tip when I hover over the "Save..."
button that says something like:

"Authenticate to save the settings for everyone"

I click save, and no authentication dialog pops up, it
just saves it. Apparently it really worked because
I was able to ssh into the system without ever logging
in after a reboot, but I'm still wondering where
to authenticate :-).

Issue 2:

On my new Zino HD, I only have a wireless connection
with a Broadcom chip that works out of the box on
Ubuntu, but fedora knows nothing :-(. After some
poking around, I found that the akmod-wl package
(and friends) from rpmfusion is supposed to
provide a working driver. Some hackery with a
ethernet over phone wire connection got me hooked
up long enough to install rpmfusion repos and
the akmod-wl package, and after rebooting, the
driver gives every indication of working. I get
a eth0 showing up in ifconfig -a and if I
right click the network icon and look at connections,
it shows a wireless connection, and even knows the
MAC address but it says it is Disconnected, and every
field I might be able to type in is disabled in the dialog.

If I bring up the nm-connection-editor separately,
it will let me type stuff, but I get the impression
that whatever I'm telling it is completely irrelevant
to whatever is going on in the other dialog.

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