Memory requirements of Fedora15 compared to Fedora13.

Andre Robatino robatino at
Wed May 25 21:49:12 UTC 2011

luis redondo <luis.redondo30 <at>> writes:

> I run Fedora13 i386 on my netbook 1GB RAM.I regularly use VirtualBox to run
Windows7.Right now,I allocate 512MB for Fedora13 and 512Mb for the
VirtualMachine,Windows7 runs relatively slowly but I can do the tasks with it.My
problem is: as the memory requirements are 768MB minimum for Fedora15 and were
512MB or less for Fedora13,can I get a slower performance running Windows7 on
the VirtualMachine? Or can Fedora15 adjust its memory requirements according to
the hardware available and the performance difference gets unnoticeable
relatively to Fedora13?

The main reason for F15's higher memory requirement is just to get through the
installation. AFAIK, there isn't a significant increase in the amount required
for a running system. So you should be able to use the 1 GiB to complete the F15
install, then use 512 MiB afterwards.

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