Speakers don't Mute when headphones are plugged in (Speakers & Headphones at the same time) :S

JD jd1008 at gmail.com
Thu May 26 05:59:14 UTC 2011

On 05/25/11 22:49, Manuel Escudero wrote:
> Since I bought my computer and I installed Linux on it, I had this 
> problem...
> Back in the day I never Found a REAL Solution and finally my solution 
> (in Fedora)
> was installing "pavucontrol" to choose the Devices when I needed to 
> Switch.
> Via the Pulse Audio Volume Control I was able to Mute speakers or 
> Headphones
> at my will, even if I had both connected, this thing worked from F12 
> to F14 very well...
> (The same problem is present in every distro I tried and sometimes it 
> was solved the
> same way in other distros)
> But Now, I'm in F15 And my magic workout doesn't work anymore... it 
> doesn't matter
> wich device I choose as output, the PC simple don't mute one or 
> another and my headphones
> and speakers sound at the same time, Can you tell me How to Fix it?
> The Sound card is a HDA INTEL with the Realtek ALC662 rev1 Chip, as I 
> said before,
> I'm using Fedora 15 KDE (64 Bit version) and I'm running ALSA v 1.0.23
> Any Help will be really nice
> Thanks!
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If you run
lsmod | grep snd
what do you get?

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