Fedora 15 installer needs more than 512MB RAM

Bill Davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Thu May 26 23:17:19 UTC 2011

Kam Leo wrote:
> I tried upgrading my system using the DVD, Netinstall CD, and
> Preupgrade. Each time boot got stuck at the line "Trying to unpack
> rootfs image as initramfs. . . ". It seems that the installer files
> have gotten fatter and more memory is required.
> This is a known problem,
> http://fossplanet.com/f13/fedora-15-i386-netinst-iso-problems-158445/,
> but no one on the Fedora QA or Documentation team thought that it was
> material to add to the Release Notes.
Everything is getting bigger, I was trying to install RHEL6 on a 2GB firewall 
machine, and it failed because it couldn't configure KDUMP with 2GB of RAM. Did 
give me a working install, though, but I think things after KDUMP didn't get 
setup, big machines seem to run longer after that setup.

Think I'm going with DragonFly BSD anyway, Linux has some serious networking 
limitations for what I want to do.

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