Do a memory test before upgrading to Fedora 15

birger birger at
Fri May 27 09:48:08 UTC 2011

I think the new kernel uses memory differently compared to the kernels in F14.

One system I just upgraded consistently crashed with checksum failures on
the RPM packages during the actual install phase. In the end I found my F14
CD and ran memtest86. Massive (really massive) memory failures on a rather
new PC that had passed memtest86 just a few months ago when it was built. It
had been used with F14 without any big problems until now. Mostly running
armacycles and supertuxcart (it's a living room PC for the kids).

Since it had crashed halfway through upgrading X wouldn't start. I logged in
through ssh with X tunnelling and re-ran preupgrade after removing the
offending memory module. I then had to run package-cleanup --cleandupes

I would recommend running memtest86 prior to this upgrade just to be safe.
You may have defective memory you didn't know about. if you don't have a cd
handy, it should be as simple as installing memtest86+ and then run
memtest-setup to add it to the grub menu.


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