Fastest shutdown or what?

Joe Feely joe.feely at
Mon May 30 12:11:05 UTC 2011

Hi all,
	Done fresh install of F15 on 5 year old desktop using i386 DVD (which tested good).

Shutdown is too fast (less that 10 seconds).

After several restarts I can see the last line displayed for a half second shows:-
	Cannot finalize remaining file systems and devices, giving up.

Then shuts down or restarts immediately.

On starting up again the login screen is skipped and goes straight into my user (without asking for a password).

I have a second HDD with 2 partitions.
I have GNOME 3 and Xfce.
Gnome falls back, HW / graphics not up to requirement.
I used OfficeDT.Feelyshome  instead of localhost.localdomain when installing F15.

I googled a bit, but I'm still nowhere with this, any solutions / ideas / pointers, appreciated.


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