Yum update from Fedora 14 -> 15 WARNING!

Alan Cox alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
Mon May 30 22:18:09 UTC 2011

> People, who later seemingly know what they are doing, should know better 
> and be responsible for their reporting.  In this case, the OP later 
> seems to know what he is doing, making the first FUD based posting even 
> more believable by individuals susceptible to FUD.
> FUD is FUD no matter how well intended.

Call it FUD or not the underlying situation is that FC15 messed up on some
systems on upgrade. But so did F14, F13, F12, F11, ....

Anything that complex is going to break on some configuration, especially
given the way Fedora is tested which is going to find bugs in common
configurations well, and unusual ones badly.

Unless they've changed the instructions for just about any OS upgrade
(Windows, Linux, whatever) and the advice around it has always started

"First make a backup"

Midn you the other semi-serious rule of course is never install a .0
release, and FC15 is kind of a .0 release for the init code (which is
absolutely critical) and Gnome 3 8)

And if the crap completely hits the fan you can specify a program to run
off the root fs with init=/bin/sh or similar. That is done by the kernel
so its very very hard for an upgrade to screw that one up.


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