Amazing New Tetris(R) Game For Fedora!

Jesse Palser SLNTHERO at
Tue May 31 01:46:56 UTC 2011


My team and I are working on an
open-source cross-platform multi-player
Tetris(R) game called:
"TetriCrisis 3 100% C.P.U."...

Was hoping some people can
help test it on their Fedora systems?

Game requires the following:
- SDL 1.2
- SDL_Image
- SDL_Mixer
- G++
- OpenGL(R) w/ hardware acceleration

You can download the current Beta 5 for Linux here:

The download includes a makefile to build on any 32bit/64bit Linux.


Jesse "JeZ+Lee" Palser
JessePalser at
Video Game Design Studio

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