SSSD (LDAP and Kerberos) to AD

Ethan Bonick Ethan.Bonick at
Tue May 31 13:58:27 UTC 2011

I am having trouble getting sssd to work properly with LDAP. I am using kerberos for passwords and LDAP for identification. I have everything working on Ubuntu and CENTOS5 clients not using SSSD so I know it works.

Kerberos works just fine and I can get a ticket. LDAP returns nothing, debug logs aren't helping me. I have included a copy of my config file. We are not using certs on ldap and it shouldn't be required since I am using kerberos for authentication.


config_file_version = 2
reconnection_retries = 3
sbus_timeout = 30
services = nss, pam
domains = default

filter_groups = root
filter_users = root, nimda
reconnection_retries = 3

reconnection_retries = 3

auth_provider = krb5
krb5_kpasswd =,,
krb5_kdcip =,,
krb5_realm =
krb5_server =,,
chpass_provider = krb5
cache_credentials = True

id_provider = ldap
ldap_id_use_start_tls = False
ldap_user_uid_number = msSFU30UidNumber
ldap_user_gid_number = msSFU30GidNumber
ldap_user_principal = userPrincipalName
ldap_force_upper_case_realm = False
ldap_group_gid_number = msSFU30GidNumber
ldap_uri = ldap://,ldap://,ldap://
ldap_user_home_directory = msSFU30HomeDirectory
ldap_user_object_class = person
ldap_group_object_class = group
ldap_group_name = msSFU30Name
ldap_user_name = msSFU30Name
ldap_search_base = dc=example,dc=com
ldap_default_authtok_type = password
ldap_default_bind_dn = cn="Linux LDAP",ou=IT,dc=example,dc=com
ldap_user_shell = msSFU30LoginShell
ldap_default_authtok = PASSWORD_GOES_HERE
ldap_tls_cacertdir = /etc/openldap/cacerts
min_id = 10000
max_id = 999999
enumerate = True
ldap_pwd_policy = none
ldap_search = dc=example,dc=com
ldap_schema = rfc2307bis
debug_level = 9

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