localhost udp bind: address in use

Michael D. Berger m.d.berger at ieee.org
Tue Nov 1 01:20:08 UTC 2011

I have some complex multi-thread C++ code in which I do
some internal signaling with udp sockets:

On my new F15_64 box, I usually get:
errno=98=Address already in use
in response to the bind command when I bring up the snd
socket (which is first up) even when I just come up from
power off.

Rarely, it works. I have no idea why.

If I ignore the 98 error, I get a write error on the socket.

Even when it fails,
netstat -uap
shows the socket, which is not a surprise, and it
is not there when the program is not up.

Now on my old CentOS 5_32 box, the same code
(but, of course, compiled for 32) works with no
problem. I can start and stop it rapidly with no

Thanks for your suggestions.
Michael D. Berger
m.d.berger at ieee.org

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