TV Tuner cards?

Alex mysqlstudent at
Tue Nov 1 19:10:45 UTC 2011


>> > I'm interested in a TV tuner card that I can connect to my roof
>> > antenna with a RG6 coax, and wondered if anyone had any
>> suggestions?
>> > I've used the Happauge cards in the past, but that was quite some
>> time
>> > ago. I've found the page, and although they have a list
>> of
>> > available TV tuners, they don't really give any impression on which
>> > have the best features, etc.
>> >
>> > I'd probably also like to set up MythTV at some point.
>> >
>> > Anyone have any suggestions?
>> There's plenty of history in the list archives as this is a pretty
>> frequent question.
>> I'm really happy with my HDHomerun 3. I'm not sure if you're familiar
>> with them, but they are a stand alone tuner that basically puts the
>> MPEG2 stream from ATSC (Over the air) or unencrypted cable (QAM) on
>> your network. It's nice because you don't have to worry about kernel
>> drivers and it also means you don't have to run your coax cable to
>> your computer in a combined frontend/backend MythTV setup. My HDHR is
>> in the closet with the rest of the networking equipment and my MythTV
>> FE/BE is in the entertainment center.
> I can second the recommendation of the HDHomerun (mine is a 2, so no
> cable). I can also offer a set of Perl scripts to manage scraping of
> shows from zap2it and programming of the recording.

Guys, thanks for the suggestions. Looks like a great product.

I only have an ATSC broadcast, so have to consider whether I'd really
benefit from one of the models with features similar to a cable box.

Thanks again,

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