How does Fedora clean its RAM..?

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Wed Nov 2 02:36:36 UTC 2011

On 11/02/2011 01:34 AM, Linda McLeod wrote:
> How does Fedora clean its RAM..?

with a RAM brush. 8-D

really, what are you considering as "clean it's ram"?

as in setting ram to all zeros, or do you mean when 'ram buffer' files with
programs/data and a newly started program needs ram, and inactive/sleeping
programs/data is dumped to swap partition?

> Does the system dump what's on unused RAM?..

actually, ram is alloted. to system program areas, user program areas,
system program data, user program area.

> Does it wait till reboot..?

yes and no. again, it is a question of how you are defining "clean it's

> How does it work..?

pdg. ;-)

some programs have buffer cleaning routines, ie, keyboard input buffer,
and other such that need to start out clean. even then, as with keyboard
buffer, it does not really have to be cleaned as many well written
routines will either set a counter to show end of data storage, or what
loads buffer will put a string of zeros at end of data.

> How can the system be bumped-up to the next evolution of
> RAM-processing..?

define you understanding of "next evolution of RAM-processing"

> Is there, or can there be, a continuous wiping-cleaner that instantly
> cleans RAM the moment its thht-data is dated..?

why do you feel that it is really/always necessary?


peace out.



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