How does Fedora clean its RAM..?

Patrick Lists fedora-list at
Wed Nov 2 10:26:31 UTC 2011

On 11/02/2011 02:34 AM, Linda McLeod wrote:
> How does Fedora clean its RAM..?

On Monday morning before the start of the week it lets out the Gnomes 
who then diligently start to do some serious housecleaning. There's 
Spidey Gnome who climbs up the walls to get to those difficult to reach 
places and do some much needed pre-winter cleaning. There's Hyper Gnome 
who just runs around cleaning bits of everything it can find. Then 
there's Grumpy Gnome who complains about Hyper Gnome just cleaning bits 
instead of bytes. And there's Bearded Gnome who complains incessantly 
about any proprietary bits it finds and makes awkward remarks about lady 
Gnomes. And there's off course Lazy Gnome who just sits there pretending 
to clean (the other Gnomes bought him a shirt but he didn't 
get it). Finally there is Obi Wan Gnome, the Fearless Leader who tries 
to keep things moving forward smoothly and always mumbles about Freedom, 
Friends, Features and First.



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