windows migrant: choosing linux distribution

Roger arelem at
Wed Nov 2 23:41:56 UTC 2011

On 03/11/11 00:59, Michael Ekstrand wrote:
> On 11/02/2011 08:40 AM, Linux Tyro wrote:
>> Well, I am looking for something in long terms, like the one with which
>> I start, I should remain there. And it must be highly secured (though I
>> know Linux is secured). But in future, I would learn the basics of
>> administration too, so please guide me which is a better administration
>> - rpm or deb?
I would like to throw in a thought or two.

rpm or deb really doesn't matter, administration is, to me, about 
understanding the operating system components/applications.

I use both Fedora and Ubuntu and have done so for years. Both have 
Ubuntu is stable, upgrades with no fuss, it's good for things that you 
"just want to work" and I've never noticed deb.

Fedora is also very good and I no longer hold with the axium "If you 
ain't on the edge, you're taking too much space".
As one small example, my Laser printer Fuji Xerox. Setting up laser 
printer in Fedora right up to Fedora 14 was a pain, pig of a job, hard 
to do at the best of times. Why! Fedora still did not see printers on 
USB. This is one reason I am reluctant to upgrade.

Ubuntu found the printer.

I watch list discussion religiously to gauge Fedora problems before 
deciding whether to fresh install the next version. I usually skip 1 or 
2 versions before doing so.
I prefer Fedora for web development because it's file systems and 
commands are same as our server OS Centos, where as Ubuntu 
"apparently"   does things differently, files named differently and in 
different file systems.

You have a 250 g hd. you can run 3 operating systems as suggested, in 
virtualbox or partitions, and see which works for you, but, while there 
is not much to pick between ubuntu and Fedora they are very different 
from windows.

My thoughts on long term would suggest go with Ubuntu. I would say that 
once you are accustomed to Linux you will likely want to explore and 
will probably install Fedora or other on a separate partition so it is 
independent of Ubuntu.


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