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On Wed, 2011-11-02 at 18:07 +0530, Linux Tyro wrote:
> confused between: fedora, openSUSE and ubuntu LTS

It's always going to be hard to answer "which is best" queries.  As
there's numerous criteria, and conflicting answers.

If you want free support from other users, I would say Fedora and
Ubuntu.  I haven't seen openSuse to comment on it.  I've noticed more
knowledgeable answers on the Fedora list than the Ubuntu list, which
seems to have more dumb suggestions, last time I looked.  By that I mean
silly suggestions from people clearly don't know what they're talking
about, and no corrections to such advice.

That may have changed, with time.  But bearing in mind that Ubuntu tends
to be the first port of call to Windows users, it seems to drag in more
of the crazy Windows mentalities (e.g. reinstall, reboot, and fiddle
with unrelated things to your problem).

With Fedora, you get an unencumbered OS.  You shouldn't fall afoul of
any royalties, patents, etc.  But you lose some functionality, such as
mp3 playback, unless you go to a third party and take a legal risk.  Or,
the stability risks from things like closed source video card drivers
from certain vendors, rather than using the more basic open source

Ubuntu doesn't care, and provides you with some things of dubious
legality (depending on where you are), so more things "just work."

To a more pure blooded *ix users, Ubuntu gets looked upon as the weenie
version of Debian.  So, if your goal is a bit higher, you might want to
look further than just Ubuntu.

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