windows migrant: choosing linux distribution

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Thu Nov 3 04:04:41 UTC 2011

Linux Tyro:
>> why linux: highly secured and better than windows

Bruno Wolff III:
> Don't count in this too much. Part of the security comes from being a minority
> OS and part comes through the people who use it.

I would say that the *majority* of that is down to the people using it. 

Sensible people are more cautious.  Sensible people turn to OSs that are
more sensibly planned, and use it more sensibly.  One of the reasons
they may turn to Fedora (or another *ix) from Windows, is that they're
sick of the bad design of Windows.

People do dumb things, and no OS can protect the stupid from themselves,
ultimately speaking.  Some people turn to *ix simply because it's free,
carry on using a computer is a silly way, encourage others to do the
same, and drag things down.

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