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I would say the opposite, Fedora's short release cycle isn't for
> everyone (and I say this as someone who's used Fedora as their main OS
> since FC1 came out) and Fedora upgrades are maybe slightly more
> painful than Ubuntu ones. Ubuntu has an LTS (long term support)
> version which may allow you to avoid upgrading for a while and
> upgrades are more like large system updates (think service pack in
> Windows). RPM vs deb, yes there are differences, but it's probably
> going to be one of the last things you notice.
> For a beginner coming from Windows I think the major hurdle for either
> Ubuntu or Fedora (which are the two 'flagship' choices) is that their
> default desktop is now very different to windows. I was introduced to
> Unity (Ubuntu) last weekend and personally I think it's more awkward
> than Gnome-shell (Fedora). So you may want to look at XFCE or KDE
> spins of Fedora or Ubuntu. Live CDs and VirtualBox (haven't tried that
> one) are a good way to dip into the water.
> From a security point of view, Fedora perhaps focuses on security a
> bit more than Ubuntu does. This is a bit of a two edged sword if you
> find SELinux is preventing you doing something it shouldn't, but
> that's a much rarer occurence these days. It's also intentionally on
> the cutting edge, this means you get cut sometimes which often means
> time spent sorting out issues.
> Lastly, media friendliness: Fedora, again by choice, includes only
> software that can be described as free and open source, this excludes
> several things such as mp3 playback from the core system. There are
> easy solutions to this these days (just set up rpmfusion), but it does
> represent an extra level of difficulty (on the other hand, it isn't
> really difficult and might be a useful first exercise for somebody
> wanting to learn how things work). Ubuntu tends to include everything
> they think they can get away with.
> Haven't mentioned SUSE as I haven't used it for years.

Came to conclude whatever I choose, have to dig it out to know the things,
Linux is Linux.
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