question(s) on Brassero (maybe bug)

Paul Allen Newell pnewell at
Fri Nov 4 05:52:11 UTC 2011

I am trying out burning DVDs on F14 and I am seeing some weirdness that 
I would like to understand before I call it a bug.

I burn a directory on F14. The directory structure is deep (as in 
greater than the pop-up notice of 7) and the names should be within 60 
characters. Brassero asks me about renaming to be Windows compatible 
owing to 64 characters and I disable since no files should hit that 
limit (and testing later indicates there are no 64+ file names). 
Brassero gets all wound up over the depth of the directory tree and I 
tell it just add them.

The burned disk is exactly what I would expect on Linux/F14

On Windows, it is a useless work of whatever. It can't read anything and 
everything is all CAPS. I know that Windows is an all CAPS under the 
hood from long ago ... but I've been able to work case-sensitive on my 
XP for awhile.

Since I have to assume that I am not understanding things, can anyone 
tell me how to use Brassero to get a exact copy? The Brassero->help just 
tells me about the pop-ups I already see.

I can burn a DVD on Windows XP with Nero that is readable on Windows and 
Linux, hard to believe that native Fedora can't do the same (???)

I do not want to burn an iso ... I want a DVD burn which I can access as 
a normal Linux/Window directory.

Thanks in advance,

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