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On 11/04/2011 12:52 AM, Paul Allen Newell wrote:
> I am trying out burning DVDs on F14 and I am seeing some weirdness that 
> I would like to understand before I call it a bug.
> I burn a directory on F14. The directory structure is deep (as in 
> greater than the pop-up notice of 7) and the names should be within 60 
> characters. Brassero asks me about renaming to be Windows compatible 
> owing to 64 characters and I disable since no files should hit that 
> limit (and testing later indicates there are no 64+ file names). 
> Brassero gets all wound up over the depth of the directory tree and I 
> tell it just add them.
> The burned disk is exactly what I would expect on Linux/F14
> On Windows, it is a useless work of whatever. It can't read anything and 
> everything is all CAPS. I know that Windows is an all CAPS under the 
> hood from long ago ... but I've been able to work case-sensitive on my 
> XP for awhile.
> Since I have to assume that I am not understanding things, can anyone 
> tell me how to use Brassero to get a exact copy? The Brassero->help just 
> tells me about the pop-ups I already see.
> I can burn a DVD on Windows XP with Nero that is readable on Windows and 
> Linux, hard to believe that native Fedora can't do the same (???)
> I do not want to burn an iso ... I want a DVD burn which I can access as 
> a normal Linux/Window directory.
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul
What you are getting is the standard CD/DVD mode for Windows. It is
the equivalent to the FAT file system, as opposed to the VFAT file
system. If you want case sensitive names, you need to allow Windows
compatibility. The prompt is misleading that way.

I normally use GnomeBreaker to burn CD/DVDs. The windows
compatibility mode (Juliet file system) is enabled by default. So is
the Rockridge file system for Linux name support. You can still read
CD/DVDs without the Rockridge file system. Linux know about the
Juliet extension to the standard CD/DVD file format. You just do not
get the Unix file attributes.

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