corrupted MAC error using scp

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Fri Nov 4 21:57:03 UTC 2011

You may have flaky hardware.  I once had bad RAM that was sensitive to
the particular way the memory was accessed.  The only problem it ever
caused was that FTP downloads to that machine were *always* corrupted.
 I never, ever had any other problems.

Memtest86 discovered the bad memory module, but I had to let most of
its tests run for a long time before one of the later tests found the

Memtest86 got forked; there is also Memtest86+.  The two tests are
somewhat different now, as development has continued independently on
both of them.  For complete coverage you probably want to run them
both.  The tests will take a long time, but let them run to

These tests not just your memory, but also your CPU, memory controller
and motherboard.

You might also have some bad data on your hard drive.  Every hard
drive vendor offers boot floppy and often also CD ISO images for
low-level diagnostic tests.  Download the image for each of your
drive, make a disk from it, boot the disk, then run all the read-only
tests for each of your drives.

>From time to time it's a good idea to do a complete backup, then also
do the destructive tests on your drives, then restore the backups.  It
exercises the bits on the drives, you see, thereby preventing them
from getting flabby and out of shape.

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