Preparing for F16 / uid/gid limit

Frode fropeter at
Sat Nov 5 17:00:24 UTC 2011

In preparation for F16, I wonder what the best approach to handling the 
new uid/gid limit is. I'm not upgrading, so the new limit will be in 
effect after installing the new Fedora.

I always keep the old version for at least the duration of the next 
release cycle, so I can go back in case of trouble. I keep all user 
created data on a separate partition that I mount and then symlink 
directories into the filesystem (e.g. ~/work, firefox/thunderbird 
profiles), but have a separate /home/[username] for each version of 
Fedora. (Just in case some user settings might change in incompatible 
ways. Ref F14-F15)

The change is in raising the limit, but are there actually accounts 
created in the range between the old and the new limit when installing, 
or can I just change back the uid/gid numbers and the limit in 
/etc/login.defs afterwards?

The other option would be to change uid/gid for all files and modify F15 
accordingly. Would this require me to change more than uid/gid for all 
the files and user accounts?

I guess 'chown -R newUID:newGID ~/*' would be the wrong way to do this, 
if there are files with other values for oldUID/oldGID?

Frode Petersen

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