A general history question

Linux Tyro fedora.bkn at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 17:35:06 UTC 2011


Excited to see this world of Linux. A general question came in mind
regarding the origin of Linux.

Well, it (Linux) is basically a kernel -- perhaps same in majority of all
the distros, almost all. Well, openSUSE also uses the technique of .rpm
which is again Red Hat Package Manager. So basically i get to know that it
was initially in Linux two sides -- 1) debian 2) rpm (as already discussed)
but just wanted to know that openSUSE also has been derived from Redhat
like many other distros have....?

And out of debian and .rpm, both seem to be the oldest but I guess debian
is more old...? Was just talking of linux not unix (like freebsd).

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