Preparing for F16 / uid/gid limit

Ian Chapman packages at
Sat Nov 5 17:35:28 UTC 2011

On 06/11/11 01:00, Frode wrote:

> The other option would be to change uid/gid for all files and modify F15
> accordingly. Would this require me to change more than uid/gid for all
> the files and user accounts?
> I guess 'chown -R newUID:newGID ~/*' would be the wrong way to do this,
> if there are files with other values for oldUID/oldGID?

I pretty much did that when moving from F14 to F16. I backed up my /home 
volume and did a clean install of F16. This box originally started life 
as F9 and had been yum upgraded ever since.

After installing, I restored my files to the /home partition and more or 
less did something along the lines of:

find /home -uid 500 -exec chown ian '{}' \;
find /home -gid 500 -exec chgrp ian '{}' \;

Where the uid and gid values are my old ones. You probably want to do 
that in all locations where you know you've stored files or the brute 
force approach and start from / but be careful if you have network 
mounts etc.

Ian Chapman.

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