Preparing for F16 / uid/gid limit

Ian Chapman packages at
Sun Nov 6 09:00:05 UTC 2011

On 06/11/11 02:57, Frode wrote:

> there are other things that could be a problem when changing the uid/gid
> for an existing account in F15, e.g. files in /etc or other places that
> might need to be modified as well. (I know /etc is not supposed to hold
> user specific info; just using it as an example).

Other than updating the ownership of the files in the homespace and any 
specific place you've decided to store the files, there shouldn't be a 
problem providing the changes to /etc/passwd,/etc/shadow,/etc/group and 
so on are correct. If you access files over a network share for example 
using NFS, you may need to update the ownership on those files too.

Ian Chapman.

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