Thanks to Fedora community; Installation & Disk Partitioning ISSUE

Greg Woods woods at
Sun Nov 6 14:47:23 UTC 2011

On Sun, 2011-11-06 at 21:51 +1030, Tim wrote:

> As you say, you only need to chainload through an extra location to be
> able to get around the "computer always resumes without giving me a
> choice" problem.  You could chainload to home, or to any other
> partition.  Using home would seem an odd choice.

I originally did this on a system that only had /, /home, swap, and
Windows as partitions, so /home was the only choice. Most distros now
will set up a separate /boot partition by default, and I typically add a
separate /var partition too.

All this was just an answer to the question "why would anybody ever want
to boot from /home". I don't claim this is the optimal setup.


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