Is btrfs ready to be default fs in F17 ?

Alan Cox alan at
Sun Nov 6 17:11:15 UTC 2011

> That´s what I care about. You seem more focused on scaring people with the
> fear that it might not work, eat users´ data and their children, too.
> "perhaps".

Right now btrfs is not a production fs. In 18 months maybe, in six months
the bits like fsck may exist in a usable form but I don't believe there
will be enough testing history to be sure.

It took a very very long time to get the reiserfs fsck usable and it was
never really 100%. Btrfs is a similar challenge, if not in fact a larger
one in some respects.

> Well, perhaps yes, perhaps not. You´re making assumptions about the quality
> of code yet to come at some point in the future.

Based on the history of that code, the history of such file systems and
what we know from extrapolating. "Perhaps yes, perhaps not" is not how I
want to think about whether my data will be recoverable.

The underlying problems are simple - btree file systems are very hard to
get robust, btree file system fsck tools are very complicated beasts.

It's not about code quality, any more than 'not using prototype
aeroplanes for revenue service' is about design quality. It's about
complex systems and failure patterns combined with the failure cases
having very bad effects.


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