gnomebaker [WAS: Re: question(s) on Brassero (maybe bug)]

Linda McLeod lindavaldeen at
Mon Nov 7 05:03:06 UTC 2011

Off the top, isn't this bug the same ole bug that happens in nearly
every new Linux distro that runs with GnomeBaker/Brassero &
MusicPlayer..?  I'm bets if all the related glitch-data in the old OS's
was compiled, the experts might come-up with a viable cure-solution to
the problem never occurring again...

Off the top, on second thought..  Is the problem PC in an older Dell
which isn't properly bios-configed for Linux..?  Seems a lot of the
complaints are to do with bios, as many are to do with incompatible
hardware.. and with users using the computer while it is installing new
updates..  Is there a link to data that details what damages happen to
an OS when user runs the computer while it's installing, which relates
to the scenarios that way too-many keyboards and mouses are replaced
because angry-fists cracked them into bits...  

Be relaxed user..  Give the things time to fulfil a command or a
process.. especially older model PC's.. Or depending upon age of the
computer, one could change the thing's oil, or maybe add another chunk
of coal to the burner, and water to the boiler...

I just noticed in F-14 when FireFox is up, and I've clicked a Gedit word
file, it doesn't and can't come-up over the FireFox window, till FireFox
is minimized..?  Is this security, or a new bug?..  Is this bug anyway
related to Fedora's other bugs..?  Do bugs begat baby-bugs..?  Does
overly zealous security cause some new bugs..?  

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