corrupted MAC error -- fixed but not solved

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Mon Nov 7 16:56:49 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-11-07 at 05:08 -0800, Gerhard Magnus wrote:
> how old is "too old" hardware for FC15?

There's no answer for that.  Some old hardware may lose its support
because some bugs remain unresolved and a person doesn't step up and
resolve them, or someone decides that they could thin the code down by
removing what they think is hardware that nobody still users.  It's not
going to be a date that anything and everything older than that will be

> I bought the box (Intel dual core with 4GB memory) in 2007 from
> one of those priceless dealers who builds them and is then a victim of
> his success. There haven't been any problems with this box (despite a
> lot of use) until a hard drive crash about a month ago, when I took it
> into the shop for a full checkup. (Presumably this would have included
> memory diagnostics.)

I wouldn't presume anything.  Some shops only test that a thing boots
up, not that it continues to work after booting.  Some only test memory
as far as the BIOS says that it found 4GB of RAM, and presume that means
all is okay.  And if you didn't ask for the memory to be tested, they
may not bother to test it.

Do you know why the hard drive crashed?  If it were something like a
mains spike that upset the drive, it could have damaged other things at
the same time.

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