wildcards to list a group of files in sequential numerical order ?

g geleem at bellsouth.net
Mon Nov 7 21:56:29 UTC 2011

On 11/07/2011 05:28 PM, linux guy wrote:
> I'd like to list all the files with names between DSC_6035.NEF  and
> DSC_6072.NEF.
> How do I do this ?

if you can handle a few before and after, use;

  ls DSC_60[37]?.NEF.

if not;

  ls DSC_603[5-9].NEF;ls DSC_60[4-6]?.NEF;ls DSC_607[0-2].NEF

there are some tricks you could use by redirecting to a file and then
listing from file, but that would involve a lot more and you would have
everything in a single column. which would be ok if using 'ls -l'.


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