NFS issues -- fixed but not solved

Gerhard Magnus magnus at
Tue Nov 8 21:41:52 UTC 2011

Restating the problem:

On the server, running FC15 (
(1) My /etc/exports file looks like this:
(2) Using the system-config-nfs "General Options tab" I have "Allow
connections from port 1024 and higher" checked.
(3) I have services nfs and nfslock running on levels 3,4,5.
(4) In /etc/sysconfig/nfs I've set these ports:
(5) In the firewall I have these ports open:
NFSV4 2049 (tcp)
4000-4003 (tcp and udp)
111 (tcp and udp)

on the client, running FC13 (
(1) I added this to /etc/fstab: /home/magnusg/Music nfs
rw,auto,hard,intr,bg 0 0
(no change by adding option "nfsvers=3" which has made this work in the
(2) Services netfs, nfslock and rpcbind are running on levels 3,4,5.

...but /home/magnusg/Music won't mount on the client, either during the
boot or when I use the mount command later: mount.nfs: access denied by
server while mounting PuteF:/home/magnusg/Music


I fixed the problem by installing FC14 on the server. It's amazing the
linux problems that simply disappear by avoiding all use of the disaster
that is FC15!

I can understand the rationale for making users go through a big song
and dance in order to play mp3 files, but stuff like scp and nfs should
be as simple to set up on a LAN as they are easy to use.

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