"sudo service postgresql start" problem on fedora 16

Leonardo Silveira sombriks at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 02:19:29 UTC 2011

hello everyone,

i've installed postgre in this way:

 sudo yum install postgresql.x86_64 postgresql-server.x86_64

sadly when i try to start the database this happens:

[sombriks at gau ~]$ sudo service postgresql start
[sudo] password for sombriks: 
Redirecting to /bin/systemctl  start postgresql.service
Job failed. See system logs and 'systemctl status' for details.
[sombriks at gau ~]$

sudo systemctl status returns 'Too few arguments.', and sudo systemctl
status postgresql returns 'Failed to issue method call: Unit name
postgresql is not valid.'

any help is welcome

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