Running F16 (KDE) on a tablet.

linux guy linuxguy123 at
Wed Nov 9 03:39:53 UTC 2011

I am running F16 on a Dell Duo.  I generally run KDE.

I have the touchscreen working.  It rocks.

How do I get a virtual keyboard to automatically pop up in text boxes and such ?

I sometimes run my Duo as a laptop, where I want a pretty small font
and objects so as to get as much as possible on the screen.

However, I sometimes use my Duo as a car PC, where I want the fonts
and objects to be LARGE.

What is the easiest way to jump back and forth between the optimal
displays for laptop use and car PC use ?

In KDE, is it possible to use activities to have 2 entirely different
looking desktops ?

Where does plasma-active fit into this ?


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