Fedora 16 on MacPro

Lamar Owen lowen at pari.edu
Wed Nov 9 13:28:35 UTC 2011

On Wednesday, November 09, 2011 07:33:07 AM Don Quixote de la Mancha wrote:
> There is a 32-bit UEFI boot loader that may work for you, that would
> not require either Bootcamp or rEFIt.  I looked into it a couple years
> ago, but it was not then considered mature enough for production use.
> Possibly it is now.  I don't recall what it is called, though.

Under a different EFI bootloader, parted sets the wrong GPT partition 'types' (type is really a misnomer, but it's a familiar term) and the Linux system won't boot. Has something to do with the hidden EFI boot partition and that there really can only be one of them. Here's a partition print from a working OS X/F-14 dual boot system (with grub installed to /dev/sda4, in this case, and not to the protective MBR; there's something else there....), using the 'gdisk' partitioning utility:

[root at localhost ~]# gdisk /dev/sda
GPT fdisk (gdisk) version 0.8.1

Partition table scan:
  MBR: protective
  BSD: not present
  APM: not present
  GPT: present

Found valid GPT with protective MBR; using GPT.

Command (? for help): p
Disk /dev/sda: 976773168 sectors, 465.8 GiB
Logical sector size: 512 bytes
Partition table holds up to 128 entries
First usable sector is 34, last usable sector is 976773134
Partitions will be aligned on 8-sector boundaries
Total free space is 525717 sectors (256.7 MiB)

Number  Start (sector)    End (sector)  Size       Code  Name
   1              40          409639   200.0 MiB   EF00  EFI System Partition
   2          409640       386210423   184.0 GiB   AF00  Mac
   3       386473984       402104319   7.5 GiB     8200  LinuxSwap
   4       402104320       484024319   39.1 GiB    0700  F14
   5       484024320       861511679   180.0 GiB   0700  LinuxHome
   6       861511680       976510983   54.8 GiB    AF00  Interchange

Command (? for help):

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