F15_64: network stopped working

Michael D. Berger m.d.berger at ieee.org
Wed Nov 9 21:57:43 UTC 2011

In my F15_64 box, the network suddenly stopped working. 
Pinging my local router fails.  It is not hardware,
because I was when I loaded a rescue system, I was able
to ping the router.  "ping" works.

  cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/
  ifup p4p1

 results in:
 ERROR  :  .../ifup-eth] Device p4p1 does not seem to be present ...

I do not use NetworkManager, but this is not new.

I note that I was testing a libipq program, but this is
now shut off.  Ping also failed with iptables stopped.

I am also failing systemd logging, but the message indicated
that this could be caused by the network failure.

Thanks for your suggestions on what to do next.

Michael D. Berger
m.d.berger at ieee.org

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