Printing does not work after preupgrade to F16

Benjamin benjamin10 at
Wed Nov 9 22:36:43 UTC 2011

Am 09.11.2011 21:25, schrieb Benjamin:
> Hi Memebers!
> I encountered the following problem. I hope that someone can help me.
> Yesterday i made the preupgarde from F15 to F16, which worked quite 
> good, but it installed Gnome Desktop, which was not in my sense. So i did
> yum groupremove Gnome Desktop enviroment
> this removed all the packages from gnome.
> After this i did:
> yum groupinstall KDE
> Which installed KDE.
> Now: If i lof in as root or as a user, i cannot print. I see the 
> printers (except in thunderbird and firefox), but when i press "print" 
> nothing happens.
> So i thought of looking into the printer configurations, but when i 
> try to open the printer configs gui the following error is said:
> Printerconfigurations has no interface "KCModule" with the key 
> "system-config-printer-kde/" The factory 
> does not support the creation of components of the mentioned type.
> (translated from German to English by me).
> Note: The last time i did change my desktop from Gnome to KDE with the 
> above mentioned method, printing worked perfectely. So i think, that 
> there might have happened system with the preupgrade.
> Thx. for help, Benjamin.
> PRinter: HP Officejet 6500
Hi Again!
I did not solve the problem but made a work around after trying to solve 
the problem. It seems that there is something wrong with cups or hplips; 
i Do not know.
but I made the following:
Installed hplips and cups again. And started cups in a terminal:
# service cups start
# Redirecting to /bin/systemctl  start cups.service
After that i opened my printer configs and installed a new printer. 
After that my printer worked again.
I´m not sure if service cups start did solve the problem, but i read it 


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