f16 booting as f15, /boot/grub2 empty...

Brian Ericson bericson at ptc.com
Thu Nov 10 01:00:46 UTC 2011

Just upgraded my desktop to f16.  I note that I see no boot loader (just 
a blinking cursor for a bit), and then it proceeds to boot as though I'm 
still on f15 (and, in fact, boots into the "2.6" kernel).  Checked out 
/boot/grub2 and the only thing in it is an empty grub.cfg file.

This is in contrast to my laptop, which I also just updated, which has a 
real boot menu (and even shows my useless windows partition!), a 
grub.cfg file, a bunch of .mod files, some .lst files, ...

Anyone know what happened and what to do to resolve this so my system 
boots properly into f16 with the 3.1 kernel?

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