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On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 12:31 PM, Andre Robatino
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> Kalpa Pathum Welivitigoda <callkalpa <at>> writes:
>> I want to download F16 and currently my internet connection doesn't
>> allow to download large files. The maximum allowable size is 50MB a
>> file. I do have my space on Is it allowed to
>> download F16 DVD iso to my space on, split into 50MB
>> files using tar and download them, so that I can create the iso
>> locally and delete the files on
>> I want to know whether this is allowed and whether there are any
>> online services that I can use to get the job done. That is to split
>> the iso file into 50MB files and download them.
> What happens if you try to download a file larger than 50 MB using wget and it
> hits the limit? Can you resume it using "wget -c <file>" and continue the
> download up to 100 MB? If so, you could just repeat until the whole download is
> finished.

nope, it doesn't download till 50MB. Since the file is more than 50MB,
it terminates the download at the very beginning. If the file is less
than 50MB only, it gets downloaded.

> BTW, if you have the corresponding F15 DVD, I've posted delta ISOs from 15 to 16
> at
> which are about 42% of the full F16 DVD ISO size.

Thanks. But this even won't help at the moment, since it exceeds 50MB.
I would upgrade to yum but it also doesn't work. This goes through a
proxy. And I wish to have a fresh install of F16. So downloading the
iso seems the only option.

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