problem with fedora 15 - 16 : TPM device not found

Patrick Lists fedora-list at
Thu Nov 10 11:04:14 UTC 2011

On 11/10/2011 11:16 AM, Arindam Choudhury wrote:
> Hi,
> When I tried to install (dual boot with windows 7) Fedora (15/16) the
> installation procedure stops complaining "TPM device not found,
> activating TPM bypass" and the system freezes.
> When I locked the Wi-Fi interface from bios, the installation completes.
> But the Wi-Fi card becomes unavailable in both windows and linux.
> How to resolve this issue?

When it was frozen did you leave it alone and wait 10 minutes to see if 
the install process continues after a while?

If you see that the installation process continues after a while then 
try booting the F15/F16 DVD with the following added to the kernel boot 
line: tpm_tis.interrupts=0

And try again.


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