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antonio.montagnani at alice.it antonio.montagnani at alice.it
Thu Nov 10 13:09:45 UTC 2011

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>Data: 10-nov-2011 
>Ogg: Grub2 boot order
>There does not appear to be an option in 
>to boot eg from entry 2 rather then the first entry.
>(I know of course 
one can go down the entries with the mouse;
>I'm talking about an option to 
make entry 2 the default.)
>Incidentally, I don't seem to have a manual entry 
for grub2
>(or grub) in Fedora-16.
>Timothy Murphy  

excellent point: 
what is the correct and safe procedure to change boot order (i.e. to make 
Windows tas default in a double-boot machine)??

Reading documentation and 
release notes didn't help much


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