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Thu Nov 10 17:35:50 UTC 2011

On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 9:25 AM, Steve Underwood <steveu at coppice.org> wrote:

> Hello friends
> > I just bought a notebook that comes with Win7 64bits, am going to
> > replace the system with linux but I have some doubts...
> > Currently am downloading Fedora 16 (tried Fedora 15 in my old laptop
> > but prefer the latest fresh version) 64bit version, but can't remember
> > where I read that the 64bit linux system sometimes has incompatibility
> > problems with some drivers and applications and recommended to use the
> > 32bits... Is it true? It has an AMD E-350 dual core processor...
> > Anyway will try this one but want to know if there's something I
> > should be aware of... I can still get the 32bit version in case of
> > troubles...
> > Thanks for any comment

>  From the time AMD launched the first x86_64 chip, most of us have been
> running 64 bit Linux on 64 bit CPUs. I was running 64 bit Linux on
> Alphas for years before that. Its a long long time since there were are
> real issues running 64 bit Linux. There are, however, a few programs
> that misbehave in odd ways when you run 32 bit Linux on 64 bit hardware.
> I assume its because those programs misinterpret the platform they are
> running on in some way. I've never taken the time to investigate. It
> makes far more sense to just install 64 Linux.

Well, I also used as a live cd 64 bit fedora core 15, but it showed some
errors in graphics and probably my printer was not working (might it
doesn't work in live cd mode). But i guess that is the problem of use of
'live cd' and after installation no such issue would be there.

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