Reading an OpenServer hard drive with Fedora

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Thu Nov 10 23:35:47 UTC 2011

Kernel Guardian wrote:
> SCO OpenServer version?
> If i remember well, i was read and successfully recovering data from
> OpenServer 3 and 5.0.4 disks with SuSe 8 or 9 ( have on some CD's in
> the basement).[my first Open Server 3 installation media was have 78
> floppies.]
> Reading disk content would depend on file system in use on those disks.
> Any Linux with 2.4 kernel can read SCO disk, maybe on some must
> recompile kernel to include support for different type of disk
> partitioning schemes and file systems.
> I forgot a lot of things, last time when administering SCO's is almost
> 12 years ago.
> SCO Unixware is different story.
> Anyhow, SCO use regular partitions, and slices are under them.
Yes, that's the issue, I can see the partition table fine, but to mount the 
slices (made with "divvy" IIRC) is the issue. Given that I could do that the 
whole problem is solvable, if ugly.

I don't really see what would let me get at the slice level.

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