F16_64: startx not working

Michael D. Berger m.d.berger at ieee.org
Fri Nov 11 15:25:28 UTC 2011

On my new F16_64, set uo my XFCE desktop seccessfully.
I then:
  created "/etc/sysconfig/desktop" conraining DESKTOP="XFCE"
  yum install switchdesk
  switchdesk XFCE
  set to boot to level 3

If I then run startx, the screen goes blank and nothing
happens.  Forthermore, if I then set the bootlevel to
5 and reboot, the system is very slow, and itself does
another reboot before bringing up level 5.

Thanks for your suggestions.


Michael D. Berger
m.d.berger at ieee.org

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