Using chrony in f16

Michael Cronenworth mike at
Fri Nov 11 15:59:59 UTC 2011

mike cloaked wrote:
> Now that chrony is in place in f16 instead of ntp does anyone know of
> some documentation on configuring chrony?
man chrony
man chronyc
man chronyd
man chrony.conf

> I have started the daemon and the time was correctly set up with
> default configs...... however for use in a laptop where the network
> may well not always be present should settings be changed from the
> defaults to optimise the setup?

If you read the Fedora Feature page, you will see that the switch to 
chrony was for exactly your needs. No changes to the configuration are 

> What is the chrony way of doing what used to be achieved with the
> following two commands:
> ntpq -p
> ntpstat

The chronyc has many, many options. Try "chronyc help" to see a list.

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