autofs doesn't work automatically with NIS mounts; workarounds?

Hugh Caley hcaley at
Fri Nov 11 19:43:59 UTC 2011

I can't get autofs to work with my NIS mount maps automatically.  Once 
I'm up, if I restart autofs (reload doesn't work) it will then work 

I've tried various workarounds I've found on the Internet but they don't 
seem to work or aren't practical; for instance, I set


in /etc/sysconfig/network, didn't help.

I could put a long sleep in the autofs startup script to get it to wait 
until networking was actually up, but this seems clumsy at best.

Any other thoughts?  As I understand it, this is an issue with 
NetworkManager startup returning successfully before the interface is 
up, so there is no networking available when autofs gets started.


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