F16 on iMac 27 inch: insufficient partitions

Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Sat Nov 12 00:28:45 UTC 2011

Dear Folks,

Am installing Fedora 16 on my son's iMac 27 inch.  The installer wants
an additional 2 MB 'BIOS boot' partition.  The only trouble is that I
can only make four primary partitions, and this increases the
required count to five, as far as I can tell.  Current partitioning

sda1    200 MB  EFI System Partition
sda2  20467 MB  hfs+ [contains MacOS]
sda3    250 MB  ext4 /boot
sda4 748746 MB  LVM physical volume

The LVM is partitioned into:
   5024 MB swap
  50016 MB /
693696 MB /home

The installation will not proceed; the error message box says,

Partitioning Errors
The partitioning scheme you requested caused the following critical

you have not created a bootloader stage 1 target device

You must correct these errors before you continue your installation
of Fedora.


I am using rEFIt.  I was not able to create any logical partitions.

Any suggestions here, so that MacOS can still be booted, as well as
Fedora be installed?

I take it this is required for Grub2.  I have had Fedora 15 and
earlier running fine on this machine with a similar partitioning
arrangement.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Can I tell anaconda to go ahead and install anyway so I can come back
with a rescue disk and install grub 1?
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