Video card gets hot and fan speeds up loud under Fedora 16

Antonio Bove antonio.bove at
Sat Nov 12 17:06:27 UTC 2011

I tried the Fedora 16 live cd before installing it. Everything runs
smoothly, but after a few minutes, one of the fans starts becoming loud
and the temperature meter says it's 36.5 C. Its normal operating
temperature with Fedora 14 is 28.5 C. I suspect the culprit is the
video card fan. 

As I said under Fedora 14 the fan is silent and gets slightly faster
after constant use of flash. At install time Fedora 14 never gave this
problem. I had to install Catalyst to get the monitor correctly.

Here's a description of my system: 

mb:    Asus Rampage III Extreme
CPU:   Intel i7
ram:   4 Gb
video: Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6970 Battlefield 2 Vietnam edition
          with catalyst 11.4
monitor: Dell 30" at 2560x1600

May I hope to correct this problem if I install F16? Any suggestion?



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